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Accounting Group is one of the leading national consulting companies in Yemen, and it is an all-encompassing business consultancy providing quality accounting, auditing, consulting and advisory services to organizations from different business fields in a timely and cost effective results.


Our company was established on November 1, 1991 based in Sana'a, Yemen providing professional services in all locations in Yemen country.

The strength of Accounting Group is the strong understanding of local context laws, regulations and practices and the on-going implementation of international business standards and innovations.


Accounting Group assists the clients' business from inception and during the business life by dedicating all our resources to provide valuable, trusted, and innovative solutions for their financial issues.


Our team is our utmost asset and thus the team is composed of experts in all relevant fields with high level of knowledge, experience and skills.


Our confidence comes from years of experience in consultancy services which then enables us to deliver sustainable growth and add value to our clients

 Alliott Group International

Established in the UK in 1979, Alliott Group was one of the first international associations of independent accounting firms (at the time referred to as "networks").

The founding members recognized that the business of their mid-market and privately held clients was fast becoming more international with supply and demand for many of their clients' products and services no longer being just local.


Since then, the association (also referred to as the 'alliance') has grown to 160 accounting and law firm members in 70 countries and is listed among the top international associations and networks of accounting firms (2018 survey, Accountancy Age). This 'first mover' advantage is indicative of the entrepreneurial, marketing-led culture that runs through the alliance to this day and that differentiates Alliott Group among the market place's 200+ law and accounting networks


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Auditing and Assurance

In today's business globalization and competition, the need to meet the expectation of investors and stock holders is a critical factor. Accuracy and transparency of the information are ensured via auditing services. We provide high quality audit services based on our long experience and certified team members. Our auditing services are including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Financial statement audit

  • Financial statement review

  • Financial statement compilation

  • AUP (Agreed Upon Procedures)


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